PS4 The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II - CRIMSON SiN (TC/JPN ver.)

PlayStation 4SKU: 02744GPO

Edition: R3 (Asia) Standard Edition
Payment: Deposit
Sale price$10.00 SGD


Product Details

  • Preorder Price: To-be-confirmed (TBC)
  • Preorder Deposit: S$10.00 (Standard), S$50.00 (*Collector)
  • Language(s): Traditional Chinese, Japanese
  • Estimated Release Date: 27 October 2022
  • Additional Info: Note that the box-art is for illustration purposes
  • *Collector's Editions are not 100% guaranteed and are subjected to allocation in the event of a stock cut


  • R3 (Asia) Standard Edition contains the base game only
  • *R3 (Asia) Collector's Edition contains the base game, Collector's Edition contents are not confirmed yet

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            Product Description

            以及根據玩家採取的行動使 LAW / GRAY / CHAOS 參數變動的LGC陣營要素等
            前作『英雄傳說 黎之軌跡』的優點在本作中都獲得承襲與改進,

            導入多種『英雄傳說 黎之軌跡Ⅱ』特有的遊戲內容!

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