Q1: How long is/are my product(s) reserved for?
A1: Preorders prior to their release will be reserved for customers for a maximum of 14 days. For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy at

Q2: Where are your outlets located at?
A2: Please refer to our Contact Us page at

Q3: I have not received any notification from your outlet regarding collection, am I still able to collect my product(s) regardless?
A3: Please PM us at our Facebook page or email us at, with your receipt number or order number and request for assistance.

Q4: How will I be notified when I am able to collect my product(s)?
A4: You will be notified via SMS or a phone call from our retail staff. For peak periods or during high profile game releases, notifications may be delayed or not sent at all, do check with us through 
our Facebook page or email us at for assistance with this matter.



Q1: Where can I check my membership points?
A1: Please head over to to check your current membership points.

Q2: Are you still using the Advocado system?
A2: We have migrated to a newer system. If you are still unable to login through the new system, please head over to any of our TOG outlets for assistance.

Q3: Where can I check your membership benefits?
A3: Please refer to

Q4: How do I register for your membership?
A4: To register, simply visit any of our TOG outlets and our retail staff will be assisting you with the registration process. For more information, please refer to

Q5: I wish to get a refund for the purchase of my membership, is that possible?
A5: Unfortunately membership refunds are not possible.

Q6: I am unable to login with my current phone number and wish to change it, how do I go about doing so?
A6: You will need to drop by our TOG outlets and request for a change of your handphone number.



Q1: Do you offer overseas or international shipping?
A1: We have ceased overseas or international shipping temporarily.

Q2: How and where can I trade-in/sell my games/consoles back to you?
A2: Please refer to our Buyback List at for more information on buyback prices and eligible outlets for this.

Q3: If I purchased a product from your online store, how would my membership points be awarded to me?
A3: Membership points are awarded when you collect your order at your designated collection outlet, be it an in-stock product or a preorder. 

Q4: If I wish to convert my order to another product, how should I go about it?
A4: Please PM us at our Facebook page or email us at, with your receipt number or order number and request for a change. Please do note that order conversions are not guaranteed as it is subjected to our current allocation/quantity. Order conversions are NOT ALLOWED after the preordered product has been released and order will be forfeited after the 14 days reservation period.