Preorders prior to their release will be reserved for customers for a maximum of 14 days.

An exception can be made if you are not able to collect your order within the stipulated period. Please contact us via

For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy at

Regions are usually representative of what languages the version will support and which regional e-Store they will be tied to (mostly for DLC code redemptions).

For PlayStation and XBOX games:

R1 (US) or Region 1: United States, Canada
R2 (EU) or Region 2: Europe
R3 (Asia) or Region 3: Southeast Asia
R4 (AU) or Region 4: Australia

For Nintendo Switch games:

US: The Americas
EU: Europe
Asia: Hong Kong, Japan
AU: Australia

*Singapore is not a supported country in the Nintendo eShop.

You will be notified via SMS or a phone call from our retail staff.

For peak periods or during high profile game releases, notifications may be delayed or not sent at all, do check with us through our Facebook page or contact us using the Contact Form at for assistance with this matter.

We are not accepting preorders for the console.

Currently the only way to preorder a PlayStation 5 console from us is to be registered via a wishlist and to wait till you are called up by our outlet.

A long waiting time is to be expected for those who have registered previously due to the overwhelming demand of the said console, hence do seek other alternatives while waiting in our wishlist.

Update 20/06/22: Please lookout on our Facebook page for future reopenings as all wishlist posts will be posted there only.

We are not accepting preorders for the console.

Do check with us during the middle-end of the month to check if there's any restocks for the console.

XBOX Series X is not restricted to a wishlist for purchasing and sold as a regular console.

Alternatively, you can consider the XBOX Series S which is available at

Please refer to our Buyback List at for more information on buyback prices and eligible outlets for this.

Please refer to our Contact Us page at

Do refer to our JobStreet page.

TOG Membership

Please head over to to check your current membership points.

We have migrated to a newer system. If you are still unable to login through the new system, please head over to any of our TOG outlets for assistance.

To register, simply visit any of our TOG outlets and our retail staff will be assisting you with the registration process.

Unfortunately as of now, online registrations for our membership is not possible due to technical limitations.

For more information, please refer to

Both are separate accounts and cannot be used with each other.

TOG Membership accounts can only be utilised at TOG retail outlets and registrations are only done at the retail outlet itself.

Online store accounts are only used for online purchases here and a free account creation is required before you can make purchases here.

Unfortunately membership refunds are not possible.

You will need to drop by our TOG outlets and request for a change of your handphone number.

Currently membership points do not expire and please disregard any expiry date that are shown in your membership dashboard.

Online Store

We have temporarily halted overseas or international shipping options. We have no plans to renable this yet.

For products like Collector's Edition for games or any other limited editions, the stock is usually not guaranteed as these are very limited in quantity.

Additionally, these editions are prone to stock cuts which are unpredictable and order fulfillment is dependent on the quantity that we are able to get.

If you have ordered such an edition, we will notify you via email if your order has been affected by a stock cut. An option to downgrade to the next expensive edition or a full refund would be offered.

When ordering such an edition from us, please kindly manage expectations and ensure that you are aware that the item is not a guaranteed stock.

Membership points are awarded when you collect your order at your designated collection outlet, be it an in-stock product or a preorder.

Please kindly declare to our retail staff when collecting your order, that you are a TOG member so that they are able to award the points for your purchase.

Please PM us at our Facebook page or contact us via, with your receipt number or order number and request for a change.

Please do note that order conversions are not guaranteed as it is subjected to our current allocation/quantity.

Order conversions are NOT ALLOWED after the preordered product has been released and order will be forfeited after the 14 days reservation period, hence please inform us before the item's release date if you wish to convert the order to something else.

We strongly advise against doing so as it will cause your order to be partially fulfilled, especially so for delivery orders due to additional delivery fees for preorder items.

If you have ordered both an in-stock and a preorder item and have opted for delivery, we will contact you directly via email for manual arrangements.

Store pickup orders are not affected by this as there are no additional delivery fees needed.

These options can be viewed after checking out from your cart and just before making payment.

We do not offer such a service at the moment.

If you have requested gift wrapping/greeting card services via order notes when checking out, we will not offer this service either.

We currently do not have a system to manage delivery options for preorders due to most of them needing a balance payment.

However, if you need a delivery arrangement for your preorder, please contact us directly using the Contact Form at

Deposit is a partial payment of the product instead of paying in full or if the final price has not been determined yet.

The remaining payment will be collected in-store when the item you preordered is ready for collection.