NSW Fire Emblem Engage

Nintendo SwitchSKU: 02839GPO

Edition: (Region TBC) Standard Edition
Payment: Deposit
Sale price$10.00 SGD


Product Details

  • Preorder Price: To-be-confirmed (TBC)
  • Preorder Deposit: S$10.00 (Standard), S$20.00 (Divine)
  • Language(s): English (Tentative)
  • Estimated Release Date: 20 January 2023
  • Additional Info: Note that the box-art is for illustration purposes


  • (Region TBC) Standard Edition contains the base game only (Tentative)
  • (Region TBC) Divine Edition contains the base game only (Contents tentative)

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              Product Description

              One thousand years ago, the land of Elyos was besieged by a Fell Dragon. Thanks to a group of powerful warriors utilizing the powers of heroes of other worlds, the Fell Dragon was sealed. Elyos enjoyed a millennium of peace, but the seal holding back the Fell Dragon has begun to weaken.

              Alear awakens from a thousand year slumber and becomes a central figure in combating the looming threat of forces attempting to free the Fell Dragon.

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