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Cross Demension Series MTCD-03 - Thunder Manus & Divine Suit Boxset
Cross Demension Series MTCD-04 - Divine Shooter
Cross Demension Series MTCD-05 - Buster Skywing Maketoys
Cross Demension Series MTCD-05SP - Buster Stealthwing
MTCombiner Series MTCM-04 - Guardia (Set of 5) (Reissue)
MTCombiner Series MTCM-04A - Axle (Optimized Version) (Reissue)
MTCombiner Series MTCM-04B - Rover (Reissue)
MTCombiner Series MTCM-04C - Vulcan (Reissue)
MTCombiner Series MTCM-04D - Himed (Reissue)
MTCombiner Series MTCM-04E - Katana (Reissue)
RE:Master Series MTRM-09 - Downbeat (Reissue)
RE:Master Series MTRM-15 - Endgame
Maketoys RE:Master Series MTRM-15 - Endgame
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RE:Master Series MTRM-16 - Jetstream
Maketoys RE:Master Series MTRM-16 - Jetstream
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RE:Master Series MTRM-17 - Booster
Maketoys RE:Master Series MTRM-17 - Booster
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