VM-030 - The Wolf of Ashina (Regular Edition)


Product Title: VM-030 - The Wolf of Ashina (Regular Edition)
Payment: Full Payment
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Preorder Price: S$292.00
Deposit Required: S$50.00
Preorder Deadline: 04.10.2019
Manufacturer: VTS
Estimated Release Date: Q2 2020
Estimated to reach SG: Q3 - Q4 2020

Item Description
VM-030 Product List:
- Exquisite realistic head sculpt
- Muscular highly poseable body
- Interchangeable prosthetic left arm

7 exquisite interchangeable hand types including:
- Clasping real hand
- Buddha worshipping real hand
- Relaxed real hand
- Relaxed prosthetic hand
- Buddha worshipping prosthetic hand
- Clenched fist prosthetic hand
- Knife holding prosthetic hand

- Beige scarf
- Chain lining with black armor piece
- Dark grey undergarment
- Orange coat
- Dark blue waistband
- Orange belt
- Brown pants
- Black legwraps
- Black leg bindings with armor piece
- White sash
- Red, brown, khaki twine

- Kusabimaru
- Loaded Axe

- Healing Gourd
- Homeward idol
- Rope
- Exclusive Base with Nameplate

Payment is non-refundable/non-transferrable. The balance amount will be collected upon pick-up.

You will be informed once the stock arrives and is ready for pick up at your selected preferred outlet.

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