Robot Spirits Gundam - Ms-09R-2 Rick Dom Ii Ver. A.N.I.M.E

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Item Description

An improved version of Rick Dom that specializes in mobility in the quadrant. Even after the end of the One Year War, the black-purple aircraft that became a threat to the federal army appears in ver.ANIME in a robust form!

--A mass-produced spacecraft refurbished by the integrated maintenance plan. In addition to adding vernier to each location, it is possible to connect propellant tanks. Even after the One Year War, many Zeon remnants owned it, and many were in operation at the Delers Fleet, including units under the direct control of Anavel Gato.

-The head verifies the range of motion of the neck and the interference of parts, and realizes a wide range of movement to the left and right.
--Various poses and effects are possible due to the joint mechanism provided on the elbow.
-The flexible range of motion around the arm realizes a natural posture of various weapons.
-Equipment includes giant buzz, heat saber, MMP-80 machine gun, Sturm Faust. The heat saber can be replaced to reproduce the light emitting state.
――It is possible to produce a wide range of equipment patterns used by the Zeon remnants, such as equipment that combines the MMP-80 machine gun and Sturm Faust.
-Various effects attached to the [ROBOT Spirit <SIDE MS> ver.ANIME] series (sold separately) can be attached.

[set content]
・ Main body
・ Heat saber
・ Heat saber blade (light emission)
・ Propellant tank x 2
・ Giant Buzz
・ Sturm Faust x 2
・ MMP-80 machine gun
・ Replacement wrist 5 types each on the left and right
・ Wrist storage deck
・ Various holders

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