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Item Description

From the expected new robot anime [Boundary Fighter], the main character, Kenbu, appears in the ROBOT soul! With metallic coloring and a new mechanism that combines a shaft joint and a ball structure, the real and supple dynamic feeling in the play is completely reproduced!

--AMAIM Kenbu's finished action figure, a humanoid special mobile weapon on which the main character [Amou Shiiba] gets in. Although it is designed like an industrial machine, the ball joint of the whole body determines the same soft action as in the play! Metallic coloring in various places, movable chest cylinder, and cockpit hatch development are also included to produce the reality unique to this work.

--AMAIM, the main character of the border fighter, appears in the ROBOT soul! I want you to feel the fusion of the form like an industrial machine designed by KOD (KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN) and high action.
――The feature of Kembu's design is that you can pose without any difficulty such as standing on one knee or landing posture. Of course, it can be reproduced even with the ROBOT soul.
-In addition to the weapon rack attached to the back, the standard carrying cannon, and the combat straight sword, a dagger with a shield is included as a bonus part. The shielded dagger can be worn on the left arm.
-On the back, there are plenty of gimmicks such as opening and closing the cockpit hatch and steps for getting on and off from the rear armor. A unit for mounting weapons can also be additionally installed.
-Each weapon set on the back mount can be received by Kembu's hand by moving the arm of the weapon rack. It is a proof of mechanical design derived from the function.

[set content]
・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
・ Combat straight sword
・ Carrying cannon
・ Dagger with shield
・ Weapon rack

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