Frame Arms Girl - Hand Scale Architect

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Item Description

Palm-sized [Hand Scale] series, the latest work is Frame Arms Girl [Architect]!

--The Frame Arms [Architect] designed by Takayuki Yanase has been sculpted in hand scale size based on the illustration by Fumikane Shimada who made her a beautiful girl!

[Product Details]
――Two types of printed face parts (front facing normal face, front facing screaming face) are included.
--By using the design data of the plastic model [Frame Arms Girl Architect], high modeling power and high-density details are reproduced in the palm of your hand!
――Although it is a small size with a total height of 75 mm, it can move about 20 places throughout the body.
-Two impact knuckles (not impact edges) are included.
-Decals such as eyes are included.
--Two non-printed face parts for attaching decals (normal face, shouting face) are included.
-The wrist comes with a slightly larger weapon handle in addition to the grip and flat hand.
-Comes with 2 weapon grips that can be used to connect with MSG weapons, etc.
-Similarly, two parts that convert from a 2mm hole to a 3mm convex for use in connection with MSG weapons etc. are included.
--By replacing the parts on the back, you can select between 2mm holes and 3mm holes.
-Comes with replacement shoulder armor integrated with the 2mm shaft.

[What is the [Hand Scale] series]
――By Kotobukiya's precision modeling technology, we will commercialize with modeling power, movement, and accuracy that were not possible with conventional small-sized plastic models.
――The color-coded molding color and printed face parts make it complete even if you assemble it without painting.
――By using the connection parts and PVC wrists provided in each part, it is possible to use a huge number of parts such as MSG series, Frame Arms Girl series, Hexa Gear series, Frame Arms series.
--Some of the compatibility of the head, arms, legs, etc. with each product scheduled to be released in the future is secured, and customers can customize their own.

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