Fate Extella Acrylic Stand Collection Vol 2

Sol International


Preorder Price: S$80.00 | Deposit Required: $20.00
Preorder Deadline: 28.11.2017
Manufacturer: Sol International
Estimated Release Date: January 2018

Item Description
9 Packs/Box
Size: Character Part: W50mm x H75mm or smaller (varies by type) / Base Part: W45mm x H40mm or smaller
Material: Acrylic Resin

All 9 types can be collected by purchasing 1 BOX.

Vol.2 collection of acrylic resin made stands of "Fate/EXTELLA" characters!
Display your favorite characters on your table, shelve and more!

-Cu Chulainn
-Ryofu Housen
-Elizabeth Bathory
-Jeanne d'Arc
-Altria Pendragon

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