[IN-STOCK] Banpresto KUJI TinyTAN Dynamite

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For the next Live Kuji stream date, please refer to this link.

Additional note: This Kuji is eligible for Double Chance, tickets stubs from opened tickets will be kept for you when you collect your order after it has been drawn. More information here.

This Kuji has a total of 70 tickets and contains:

*some terms may be machine-translated*

  • RM Plush (1/2)
  • Jin Plush (1/2)
  • SUGA Plush (1/2)
  • j-hope Plush (1/2)
  • Jimin Plush (1/2)
  • V Plush (0/2) *SOLD-OUT*
  • Jung Kook Plush (1/2)
  • Rug (2/2)
  • Chest (0/1) *SOLD-OUT*
  • Plate (6/14)
  • Acrylic Stand (12/21)
  • Rubber Charm (7/18)
  • Last Prize: Towel

Last update: 20 May 2022 (with 35 tickets remaining)

To check tickets that are pending for opening on Friday, subtract the current Stock from Last update's remaining tickets.

How do I participate in Live Kuji?

  1. Refer to our Kuji In-stock catalog and select a Kuji set you wish to order
  2. Input ticket quantity as desired and check out
  3. Prior to checking out, you will be able to select payment modes and store pickup locations
  4. After purchasing, you can watch our stream at our Facebook page or wait till stream ends to view winnings from the archived video
  5. After stream ends, orders will be packed and delivered to the outlets in the next upcoming week

Important information for Live Kuji purchases

  • Payment is non-refundable/non-transferrable
  • Every ticket purchased from the order will be opened live on our Facebook page to ensure authenticity
  • Prizes with visible multiple designs will be picked blindly at random by us
  • Prizes in boxes of any form will not be opened by us
  • Last prize of a Kuji set is awarded to the person who purchases all remaining tickets of the set

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