Banpresto KUJI One Piece ~ The Pirates' Era

Banpresto KUJI One Piece ~ The Pirates' Era

Regular price $9.00

Price: S$9.00 per ticket
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Estimated release date for SG: Mid August - Early September 2018

Tickets remaining (quantity updates every midnight): 50/50

Item Description
Monster Hunter World Kuji will consist of:

  • A Prize: Trafalgar Law Figure
  • B Prize: Glass
  • C Prize: Column
  • Last Prize: Trafalgar Law Figure <Last One Ver.>


Payment is non-refundable/non-transferrable.

Each ticket purchased in an order will be revealed live on our Facebook page to ensure authenticity. Prizes with multiple designs (Rubber Charms/Keychains etc) will be chosen blindly at random, live. Last prize will be awarded to the customer who purchased the last ticket.

You will be notified of the Live Kuji schedule via email once orders are collated. Please make sure your email is updated and working. 

We will be consolidating orders 1 hour before the Live Kuji session. Orders made during or after a scheduled Live Kuji session will be revealed at the next live session.

After each Live Kuji session, prizes left for each category will be updated here.

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