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Price: S$11.00 per ticket
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Estimated Release Date: August 2019 - September 2019

Tickets remaining (quantity updates every midnight): 37/80

ONE PIECE ALL STAR~ Kuji will consist of:

  • A Prize: Monkey D. Luffy Figure (2/2)
  • B Prize: Roronoa Zoro Figure (2/2)
  • C Prize: Sanji Figure (2/2)
  • D Prize: Nami Figure (1/1)
  • E Prize: Usopp Figure (1/1)
  • F Prize: Tony Tony Chopper Figure (1/1)
  • G Prize: Nico Robin Figure (1/1)
  • H Prize: Frankie Figure (1/1)
  • I Prize: Brooke Figure (1/1)
  • J Prize: Mug (6/6)
  • K Prize: Plate (16/16)
  • L Prize: Signature Board (12/12)
  • M Prize: Illustration (16/16)
  • N Prize: Rubber Charm (2pcs per set)
  • Last Prize: Figure

Images for Prizes J to Last Prize are to be updated once available.

Last update: n/a

      How to purchase Live Kuji tickets?

      To purchase Kuji tickets from our online store, please follow these steps:

      1. Look for the [IN-STOCK] tagged Kuji sets in the names, these are the ones we will open on schedule.

      2. Input your quantity and checkout using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. Remember to select your Collection Outlet as you will be required to collect your winnings from there.

      3. View our Live Kuji video on our Facebook page every Friday, from 3pm to watch us open your tickets (unless stated otherwise, Live schedule are updated at the top). If you are unable to view the Live video, you can check with us or check our Video Archive.

        • Prize winnings will be stated in the video comments in this format (to search for your order, please use your phone/browser's search function):
          • #1234
            1A, 1B, 1C

        4. Your prize winnings will be sent to your Collection Outlet within 3 ~ 5 working days. You will be contacted via SMS or phone call once available for collection.


        Payment is non-refundable/non-transferrable.

        Please make sure your phone number and email are correct.

        Each ticket purchased in an order will be revealed live on our Facebook page to ensure authenticity. Prizes with multiple designs (Rubber Charms/Keychains etc) will be chosen blindly at random, live. Last prize will be awarded to the customer who purchased the last ticket.

        Live Kuji schedules will be announced on our Facebook page and updated here as well.

        After each Live Kuji session, prizes left for each category will be updated here.