18C03-B - 1/6th Scale N.G.M DOG (Limited Edition)

18C03-B - 1/6th Scale N.G.M DOG (Limited Edition)

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Preorder Price: S$860.00
Deposit Required: $430.00
Preorder Deadline: 09.11.2018
Manufacturer: C-PLAN
Estimated Release Date: Q1 2019
Estimated to reach SG: Q2 - Q3 2019

Item Description

- All of the N.G.M DOG's parts are modular in design and the main body can be disassembled by using a screwdriver
- The beam can be opened or closed and the legs can be rotated 360 degrees
- The turret can also be rotated 360 degrees
- The flexible metal-clad hose can be posed at any angle
- A stainless steel torsion joint is used for connecting the body to the hind legs; so legs can be posed standing or crouching
- The ankles are constructed using four high-strength double ball joints to ensure stability
- The painting is done using whole body wash and unique method
- The parts are all fixed products to enhance the texture of the model
- Comes with a customized camouflage bag and platform ***

- N.G.M DOG: 28 (W) by 30 (H) by 42 (L) cm

Product weight:
- 3.5 kg

Material used:
- Resin, stainless steel, aluminum alloy

*** Only for Limited Edition

Payment is non-refundable/non-transferrable. The balance amount will be collected upon pick-up.

You will be informed once the stock arrives and is ready for pick up at your selected preferred outlet.

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