Nintendo Switch Console - Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Special Edition]




Product Details

  • Preorder Price: TBC
  • Preorder Deposit: S$50.00
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Estimated Release Date: 13th March 2020
  • Additional Info: Model HAD-S-KEAAA

Product Description

*Kindly note that this console does not come with any games. Stock is not guaranteed at the moment.

This new Switch variant’s Joy-Cons sporting a mint green and blue color scheme. In contrast, the main body features various Animal Crossing symbols representing characters, furniture, and other details. The console’s dock sports a distinct design of Tom Nook on a deserted island accompanied by his nephews, Timmy and Tommy.

Additional Information for Purchases

Payment is non-refundable/non-transferrable.

The balance amount will be collected upon pick-up. If stocks are not fulfilled for your order, you will be informed via email regarding the actions to be performed for your payment.

You will be informed by our outlet staff once the stock arrived and is ready for pick up at your selected preferred outlet.

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