Deemo Reborn

PlayStation 4



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    • Standard: S$10.00
    • *Premium: S$20.00
  • Region: R3 (Asia) (Box-art is for illustration purpose)
  • Language(s): English, Japanese, Traditional/Simplified Chinese
  • Estimated Release Date: 21st November 2019
  • Additional Info: Not available

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Product Description

Never left without—-.
Saying Goodbye

Once upon a time, a little girl falls from the sky into an unknown world.

She meets a being named Deemo, who plays the piano with a mysterious power.

Bewildered, the little girl is welcomed into the castle by Deemo and decides to stay.

One day, the little girl comes across a little sapling.

The sapling grows whenever Deemo plays the piano.

Can they grow the tree to the level that allows the little girl to reach the window in the sky and return home?

The little girl will bring back sheet music she finds on her explorations for Deemo to play on the piano to let the tree grow.

Premium Edition includes:

  • PS4 Deemo Reborn
  • 12 Songs Season Pass
  • Premium Metal Tag

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